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Buying A Yorkie

Yorkie Puppies For Sale – What To Look Out For

I felt that it would be of benefit to the pet buying public to address buying on the internet: Here are some of the suggestions I can make especially when buying from foreign countries. Yorkies have become more popular each year and when this becomes the case a lot of people start to breed to and make money on selling pups. If you have looked on the internet you will see a variety of prices. These range from very cheap to some very high priced dogs.

Before buying a puppy you should ask for references from people who have bought from the breeder in the past.

You may ask the breeder about the health Guarantee, and never buy a pup before 12 weeks old. These are Toy dogs and are not ready to be placed in pet homes before that time.

I have had the misfortune to have allowed certain breeders to show my dogs and use them, and have later discovered that these people are not the type of people that I would want to have my dogs.

If buying from a foreign country you may ask for references from people here in the USA who have purchased from this kennel before. If there is American breeding behind the dog you are interested in, contact that breeder to ask about any problems or concerns you might have

Some people are very good at marketing and a picture well done may not always give you the true story behind the dog. If you are spending a very large amount of money for the dog, you might spend a little more and go to look at the dog before you send the money. Once you have the dog, you may not be able to return it if you are not satisfied. Don’t always believe everything you read on the website, things sometimes are very misleading. I would also ask about DNA. The USA is the only country who requires DNA testing, ask that the dog or puppy be DNA’d before leaving the country of purchase. I have been involved in registering many dogs from foreign countries and believe me there is on way of knowing if the pedigree is correct. Without the DNA there is no way of knowing who the parents might be. Starting this last year AKC requires that all dogs imported into the USA be DNA’d. This is because the AKC has realized that many dogs imported are not of the pedigrees that were received by the new owners.

If you have any further questions you may contact me at anytime, I would be more then happy to be of assistance in this matter.