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Yorkshire Terrier Standard

The Yorkshire Terrier Standard was written to explain what qualities a Yorky should have. Many years of hard work and selective breeding was been done to develop the small silky coated Yorkie we see today.

The original Yorkies were bred from Bigger Terriers and were bred down in size to be a toy sized dog. Yorkies no longer are the ratters of the past. They have become a small companion dog. As Yorkies became more popular many people began to breed them to supply puppies for the pet buying public.

The standard states that the Yorkshire Terrier is a blue and tan dog with a silky coat and that the coat is of prime importance. Yorkies are not suppose to be Parti colored, golden, chocolate or rare colors we see for sale on the internet. These colors are being bred so the breeders can charge large prices for their puppies and call them rare. This type of breeding for these colors is no different from someone cross breeding dogs and calling them designer dogs. Please educate yourself before purchasing a Yorkie pup. Contact any YTCA member and they will help you to make an informed decision about the purchase of a Yorkshire Terrier.